Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wednesday morning catch up

So, we decided, rather spur of the moment, to leave Zhangjiajie City and head about 30 KM further in, to Zhangjiajie Village.  We are staying at a very nice hotel, called "Pipaxi Hotel" and we're about 20 mintues on foot away from the entrance to the park.  On Tuesday afternoon, we walked to the village, checked out the situation for buying tickets (Laina will be free, Min will be half price), and we hired a guide for the next 2 days.  On the walk home we ate some dinner in a small restaurant, we had very simple food, green beans, tofu, sliced pork with green peppers and rice.  Perfect for us, and we ate all but a few bites.

Yesterday, Tuesday, was a bit of comedy of errors.  We needed raincoats and umbrellas, so we took a taxi from our hotel to a department store.  At the store, we found some really inexpensive umbrellas, one child sized rain coat and bought some snacks.  After shopping, we went to a cafe for lunch.  When we hailed a taxi for the ride home, I couldn't fold up Laina's umbrella, and so I just grabbed the edges and bent it to get into the taxi, which snapped the ribs, and the umbrella was broken.  I threw it away when we got out of the taxi.  We hired this same taxi to take us from our City hotel, the 30 KM to the village hotel.  When we got to the village hotel and started to check in the hotel, Min told us that she had forgotten HER umbrella in the taxi.  THEN when we got in the room, we found that the bag that contained the other umbrella and the rain coat got left somewhere along the way, where?? We don't even know.  SO-in the village, we bought 4 new umbrellas and no raincoats.

I'm attaching a few pictures that we have taken along the way, including a picture of the little duck line that we make when going through the airports,  mountains that we saw walking to the entrance of the park, a tease of what we will see tomorrow, and the girls, Min being happy, and Laina...well...being Laina.

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Joelle said...

Classic mom moments.