Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tiananmen Square

Sunday we went to visit Tiananmen Square.  As soon as we got off the subway, we had to put on our raincoats and get out the umbrellas, because it was raining!!  We walked around, anyway and enjoyed the warm rain, the relative emptiness of the square and the different feeling that a rainy gives the place.  After walking around, we walked through to the entry gate of the Forbidden City, but didn't go inside, it's was too much for the kids, just walking there was sufficient to get a feel for the place.  The girls can go in on a different trip.  We then went to an adjacent park and walked around in there.  While in the park, we found an indoor play structure, that for 20 yuan, the girls could play in a dry area and we did that for about 45 minutes.  THEN we took the subway to Xiaoyuan's house and went out for a fantastic meal of Xinjiang Food and then walked back to our hotel together in the rain.  Although it was wet, it was a very nice day!

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