Sunday, November 9, 2008

Laina Learns a Song.

Today, Laina had a MAJOR temper tantrum. It was about a toy and how she couldn't play with it when she wanted to. I taught her a song, and she learned it very quickly. She was kind enough to sing it on camera for me. Here it is:

Monday, November 3, 2008


On Saturday Laina decided she wanted to go swimming. Not surprisingly, Min wanted nothing to do with swimming. I told her that she must learn to swim, even if she didn't want to. So, off to the YMCA we went. Laina had a great time. This was her first time swimming since the great houseboat fiasco of this last September. That's another story...

Anyways, the girls had on swim belts for floating and Laina was fine paddling along on her own. Min was always a half a millimeter away from full panic. We swam for about an hour. The girls were tired and ready for a rest after it was over.

Sunday, we did it again! This time, Min got a little used to things and she was able to paddle independently using a float belt and holding on to a swim noodle.

Today we went swimming AGAIN! The girls swam for a whole hour. I made Min let go of her noodle and I taught her the rudiments of treading water. I made her tread water while I counted to 10. She did this like a champ 3 times! After swimming the kids went to KidCare and I worked out in the gym.

The girls begged to go to bed at 6:30! So now, at 8:00 they are sleeping like little angles. Yeah...little worn out angles.

I have no pictures of swimming, but here's a picture of Laina wearing vampire teeth.

And Here's a picture of Min after she was digging in the dirt in the back yard.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sweet Sisters

There's been a regular love fest going on at our house. Laina and Min will say, "I love you, sister" and "I love you forever, Mommy", and "I love Daddy, I want to see him right now". Oh yeah, and then soon after they've expressed their undying love and devotion, they'll whack each other over the head because someone has the others sock.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween at our house:

Laina was a puppy.

Min was a Kitty.

They LOVED trick or treating and getting all the candy. My rules for Halloween candy are that the kids can eat as much candy as they want for a day and a half after Halloween and after that, they have to give me the candy and it will be doled out. Laina takes one bite and throws it away and then opens the next piece. Min learned from Laina and does the same thing. The short of the story is that there was no candy left by the next afternoon.