Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On Wednesday

Well, today was a rather odd day. We woke early, and went to breakfast in the hotel (Chinese breakfast with many different plates of Kimchi to make the Korean guests feel comfortable). We met our guide at 8:30 and he took us to the eastern entrance of the park. THEN we took a bus to the cable car and took that to the top and then we saw...NOTHING!! The fog was so thick that we couldn't see beyond the precipice we were standing on. This is how it was most of the day, walk here and there to the different viewpoints to see great banks of fog. We did do some fun things, the girls had a turn on a makeshift Farris wheel, and we got to climb up a really steep ladder to the top of a mountain spire for a different view of the fog!

When we were further down the mountain we were able to see some of the karst mountains, but not many. We ate dinner at a funny little path side shack, walked to different fog overlooks and then called it a day about 5:00. We ate dinner of noodle soup in the hotel cafeteria, and then put the girls in bed at 8:00 (although Laina didn't sleep until past 9:00 and Min woke with a nightmare and cried about 9:30). Thursday we will walk a lower pathway and hopefully we'll be able to see more!

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