Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Day in Nanjing

We have arrived in our very nice hotel and are starting our first full day in the city.  The girls and I are heading out on an adventure with a friend from Jorg's office.  I don't know what we'll be doing.

Yesterday, we arrived after our marathon flights, and were taken out to lunch with Eliza and Sean (Business associates of Jorg).  We had some wonderful food, and then they took us shopping for water and snacks and the girls were treated to a pair of sandals, with fancy rhinestones and plastic flowers--just what every kid needs.  Oh, and candy and cookies and juice.  Eliza also bought us some special fruit, called "Ya Mei" which I have never seen nor eaten before.  They are a kind of berry from a tree and the taste is similar to a strawberry and a grape.  Delicious!!  In the evening we went out for drinks with Julia and Helmut, two German friends who we have met in Nanjing.  They became our friends after we learned they had spent a year in Shiyan City two years after Jorg and I had been there.  We had a good time talking to them and their two girls.  I will write the story of how we got in contact with them later, it's a good story.  I told them about the death of Lee Henn a year ago and we reminisced about her for a while.  After drinks we walked back to our hotel and fell asleep at about 9:00--completely exhausted!!

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