Friday, March 6, 2009

Time marches on...

So, now it's the beginning of March and I haven't updated the blog since the middle of December. BAD bloggy momma. Let's do a Reader's Digest Condensed version of the last few months.

So, for Christmas we went to Germany and had a very nice time. The girls got to experience some snow (thankfully, not too much). We got to visit with our relatives in Germany and a good time was had by all. Except for that whole stomach flu thing, but that went away.
Here's a picture of us and some cousins, aunts and uncles mixed in somewhere. We're at a castle somewhere in Germany.

I had to buy these coats special for the trip, and we really haven't used them since. I don't think we'll use them again before the kids grow out of them! The picture is the skating rink in the Fussgangerzone in Stuttgart.

After Christmas, we came home to the OC and then we all got sick for most of the month of January. Blech. Fever, sinus infection, ear infection, bronchitis, stomach yuckiness, and jetlag. Hurl. A picture? You want a picture? OK, let's see what we've got.

This picture was taken sometime around Min's birthday, which was on the 21st of January. I was going to take her to Disneyland, just her and me, but on the actual day, we were both so sick that we had to just stay home and convalesce. We'll have to do her first trip to Disneyland on another day...maybe my birthday we'll go. Well, the girls don't look to sick, but I think they were putting on a happy face for the camera.

After the horrible month of January, we moved into February, which brings with it the happiness of the New Year! We let go of the year of the rat and welcomed the strong determination of the Year of the Ox. For our New Year celebrations, we again had a lovely lunch with the Chinese Consul General to Los Angeles, Mr. Zhang. We really enjoyed seeing him again, and the girls ask when they can see him again.

We also had a fantastic dinner with our friends from our Dragon Boat team, the Blazing Paddles. The girls really like dressing up in their fancy clothes.

And now, we're back into the day to day rhythm of life that I enjoy so much. I started going to Zumba classes to help me keep my pants size the way it should be, and also to help me get down with my bad self. The girls go to their Chinese teacher twice a week and to tiny tots twice a week.
Today we took some "for fun" pictures. The girls saw me puting on a little make up and wanted some, too. I made them all up and we looked like real floozies! So what do you do when you look like floozies? Well--pull out the camera, of course! Actually, the camera didn't capture the skank very well, and actually, the pictures turned out really cute. Here's a few...
Me with my girlies!!

Not bad for holding the camera out as far as I can reach, huh?

Here's some of Laina:

And Min:

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