Sunday, March 15, 2009


The last couple of Sundays we've been braving the world of Realty and we've gone "Open Housing". We're not going to be buying a house in the next week or two, but it's a good time to start checking things out and seeing what one can get for how much. I enjoy seeing in other people's houses and thinking about how our things would fit in the house. We've seen some that we like, and others that are pretty awful.

The last weekend we were out, we stopped by a Yuck-in-a-box for lunch (Acutally, the grilled Ciabatta sandwich isn't bad). Jorg recently bought a new snappy cam and we were trying it out. Here's what we came up with--

Don't worry, I wasn't about to rip of Min-min's head. We were playing a game of "Make a silly face" and I was pulling a face at Min and she was reacting to it and Jorg happened to take a picture of it. Nice, huh?

I always say that if you make an ugly face at the camera, the only thing you'll get is an ugly picture that someone can post on the internet.

Here's a nice picture of me and Min together.

Jorg and Laina like to sit together, or rather Laina likes to sit with Jorg. He's a softie pushover and she gets to drink as much of her soda (7-up mixed with lemonade) as she likes. I usually pull her cup away until she eats most of her dinner.

At this second, the girls are playing legos on the floor. Min is trying to roll the lego car up Laina's arm, and Laina is squealing happily and then after she squeals, she tries to bump Min's chest with her head which send off another peal of laughter and the process starts again.

I've just annouced "Jammie Time" and nothing is happening. They're totally ignoring me, the little scamps. **sigh** gotta go and enforce the law...

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Looks like so much fun... so cute.. take care