Wednesday, July 2, 2008

3 years a Family

On July 26th, 2005, we were given this picture and were asked if we would accept this little child into our family.

laina mugshot

Laina in walker

Laina Walker 2

We met her on October 10th, 2005. Here's our first look at Laina in real life:

And our first family photo:

We went back to our hotel room in Chang Sha and started to make friends.

We learned she was very silly and sweet. She was also very passionate. She would scream and yell. She would tantrum and arch her back and smack her head on the floor. She was a challenging baby!

We didn't do anything for Halloween the first October she was home. We ignored it. But soon after we went to California for a visit. Here is Laina with the Monkey in the Zoo:

Here's her first Halloween, October 2006:

And her second Halloween, October 2007:

And here she is now, almost 4 years old, with her new sister...and the monkey!
Happy Family Day, Laina!

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