Monday, June 30, 2008

Laina's month.

Laina was born in December. But for me, her month is July. We saw her picture in July for the first time and July was the month that I knew we would be going to meet her soon and checked on the internet every day for news about when the referrals would be coming in for the babies. July 2005 is now 3 years in the past, and Laina is a very dynamic force in our family. So for the month of July, I will be posting about Laina. I'll add some in about Min, too. Her month is November, so you'll have to wait for her month to have her details.

Laina--the source the most frustrating frustrations and the happiest joys.


Nancy and Jimmy said...

Backatcha from babybenwa, (aka.another Laina.) Found your blog after you commented on ours. Beautiful girls and very scary pirates. Enjoy your summer. Nancy B.

vera said...


I hope that you receive our message this way because we are the parents of Tian. I happened to read on RQ that you search for us. We are the proud parents of Tian and we met you at the registration-office and later a couple of times at the Lake View. I read your blog and have seen the fotos of your beautifull girls. Our blog is WWW.BOESTEN.PUNT.NL. We hope to hear from you soon.
Greetings from Vera

Nina said...

Laina looks feisty and fun and fabulous!! Wow, from a referral photo in July 2005 to that wonderful face... what a journey!

Thanks for the tip about letting Kavanna see the photo of herself with her foster mom. I would not have thought of that and it's a great idea!