Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dahang Pictures Pt. 2

1.  A picture of the trash that was stuck in the reeds and bushes along the pathway as a result of flooding.  I was really fascinated to see the kinds of things that were caught-shoes, eyeglasses, a pullover, glove, flip-flop, general plastic trash, raincoat...I could have taken loads of trash pictures, but limited myself to 2 or 3.

2.  Jorg and the girls by the waterfall.

3.  Jorg being victorious after reaching the fall.

4.  Min.

5.  General scenery walking back from the waterfall.  We were talking about how we could have skipped the 2 days in  Zhangjiajie and spent more time in Dahang.  The scenery isn't quite as spectacular, but it is still beautiful and the atmosphere in the town is so pleasant.

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