Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Lederhosen coin purse.

This little gem was found in my Grandma Hertha's house when we cleaned it out after she died. My Grandma Hertha had a treasure trove of odd things in her house, and fortunately, I got to keep several little strange items. I'll have one or two more to show. This little coin purse was found full of 1964 quarters. Most of them I still have, some I have given as a gift. The 1964 quarters were the last ones that were mostly silver and they shine up really nicely with a polishing cloth. I don't think they're really very valuable, though. Anyway, here's the lederhosen coin purse: OK, so the video flips the words and you can't see them. On the front it says, "Welcome to W├╝rzburg" then, on the back it says, "Be Happy When the Pants are Full". When you open the fly flap it says, "Well, What did you expect?"

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