Monday, March 1, 2010

It's been awhile!

Yeah, so it's been a while since I've blogged, and I miss having something to go back and look at. Let's catch up---

Last summer: bought a house in California. It's a rather ugly house, but we're working on it. Take a look:
Here's the living room before we started working on it

Here it is now that we had the fireplace re-faced, the fireplace surround re-faced, and the floor put in:

Check out the awesome kitchen:

We're going to have to live with it for a little while. In the mean time, I've re-grouted all the counter tops because the counter tops were disgusting. The grout was all rotted out and there was slimy gross junk deep in the cracks. So at least the kitchen is clean.

Here's the glorious powder room with a fantastic plastic gold tone mirror. Fan-frickin'-tabulous. Honestly, people paid good money for this look.

Here's the powder room after I got done with it. I still haven't added in the cabinet knobs or the mirror or the towel holder. I'm using the cabinets for linen storage, since there isn't a linen closet in the house. The room also houses the laundry/dryer.

Check out the dining room. Note the fantastic wallpaper on the ceiling and walls. There's are special accents such as the gold tone crown molding and the candle looking chandelier with grapes all around. Yes, it's lovely.

So, since we couldn't stand to have such a lovely room in our house, we stripped the wall paper and painted, put strand woven bamboo flooring down (that dark blue carpet was just too fancy for our taste...) and we're still picking out the perfect lighting fixture.

So the house is one thing that's been occupying the time.

I'll blog again tomorrow--I have so much to blog about!!

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ExCindrela said...

Wow! That's very 80's-tastic house!! But it looks like it will be awesome when it's done! Where did you move to???

So glad to see you posting again!!